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Hi, This is Sara who an English speaking guide in Hakodate.


I love traveling all of the world, went to 26 countries in my life!!



One of the pleasures of travel is…


Exploring unknown places,

learning new culture or history,

eating delicious local foods,

having communication with locals, etc..




Traveling and living abroad made my life richer!

I have got a lot of amazing experience in the world!


When I back to my hometown Hakodate, I realized that I want to share how beautiful Hakodate is! to the world!


For someone’s great experience as I experienced in other countries.



Let me take you to special places in Hakodate!

Let me teach you Japanese culture and Hakodate local things!

Let me make your smile in Hakodate!!!


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  • Please contact me by Phone, WhatsApp, WeChat, Email
  • 080 7743 0774
  • (+81 80 7743 0774 by abroad number)
  • https://hakodate-guide-sara.com


Things to do in Hakodate